Lifeline to me

Barleygreen has been a lifeline to me! I had Melanomas cut out of my leg, from this action I inherited folliculitis (cellulitis), after spending weeks in hospital on antibiotic drips, handful antibiotic pills, I was told, it is now MRSA. (antibiotics don't work any more). My leg got worse and worse. It looked "ugly" Only hope I had, was building my immune system and getting my PH balance in line. Started with Barleygreen. In the first month I could not notice any change, but in the second month of drinking it 2x daily, I saw change. After 6 bottles I can now wear shorts, no sores or lacerations, no sign of returning melanomas! My leg is like new and the Dermatologist can't believe it. Thank You Leon 

  • Leon
  • Kincumber, NSW

Stay clear from Cold & Flu

"I've been using Barley Green for about 25 years now.  
It really makes a difference to my energy levels and general wellbeing.
There have been periods of time when I haven't been able to source Barley Green and I have really felt the lack of it.

This winter although family members and friends have all had colds, I've managed to stay well and I'm sure it's because of Barley Green.  
I love the feeling of alkalising my body first thing in the morning and knowing that even if I don't eat well during the day (but I usually do eat well) I have had my shot of green.

I love that Barley Green keeps me going through a gym class or a long walk in the morning and I don't need breakfast until several hours afterwards.
Thank you for supplying Barley Green..."

  • Vicki
  • NSW

Low Blood Pressure

"I was having trouble with low blood pressure some years ago before I was taking Barley Green.  Since I took it regularly my blood pressure is normal.  For two years I was unable to obtain the product and was feeling tired and my digestion was slow.  Since I have been back using it again, I don't feel as tired and my digestion has improved.
Aso when my children were little I used to put it in their bottle to help their digestion.  This is a great product.
Kind Regards"

  • Diane
  • QLD

More Energy

For many years I always felt lethargic in the afternoons and needed to have a rest. I then came upon Barleygreen and started using it and after a couple of months I felt more energy to push through the day. Now I do a 'maintenance' top up 3 to 4 times per week. It turns out that I was lacking certain nutrients in my diet and this was a plausible and natural way to 'top up' these missing nutrients"

  • Tony
  • QLD