Why Barleygreen®

1:42 min Video

What will Barleygreen® do for me?

Not only does Barleygreen® increase energy levels and mental alertness, it regulates blood sugar levels, reduces infection and helps to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes. It supports your immune system, lowers cholesterol, acts as an anti-inflammatory and protects your body from free radicals. Barleygreen® improves skin tone and the condition of your hair and nails. Simply put, this wonder food optimizes your health and improves your appearance.

What’s in Barleygreen®?

It contains 18 amino acids, including eight essential ones that the body is unable to manufacture itself. Amino acids, the building blocks of protein and the major constituents of every cell and most body fluids, are crucial to cell building and regeneration, neutralizing toxins and supplying the energy we need to live. Green barley leaves are packed with antioxidant vitamins, minerals and, most importantly, chlorophyll. Chlorophyll stimulates tissue growth and red blood cells, reducing the absorption of dietary carcinogens and accelerating healing. Green barley grass contains buffer minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. These minerals neutralise acidity, enabling your body to maintain a healthy acid-alkaline balance.

What makes Barleygreen® different?

The juice is extracted from tender young organically grown barley leaves and spray dried at low temperatures to ensure that the enzymes and nutrients remain active (This process is patented, so it can't be replicated ). This is very different to other products that use ground barley leaves. Ground leaves compromise nutrition and may even cause intestinal blockages. 

Where does Barleygreen® come from?

After rigorous research spanning thirty years in different locations experimenting with various barley grass plantings, Oxnard in California was selected for its climate, environmental conditions and water supply. The Oxnard barley grass consistently delivers higher nutrient levels than its counterpart grown in Japan. Barleygreen® is made from 100% certified organic barley leaves, does not contain gluten, artificial colourants or preservatives. It tastes good and doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste like some other green food products. We are confident that Barleygreen® is the best green juice product available anywhere in the world.